Bubba Kush Marijuana Strain

Whenever you can get your hands on a high-quality Bubba Kush clone you’re going to be ecstatic, it’s one of those strains that just perks you up as soon as you hear the name. If you’re looking for a sweet yet earthy strain than this is the one that you’re going to want to invest towards, it doesn’t get any sweeter and earthier than it is with Bubba Kush. Like any other Kush it’s going to have a relatively high reputation to uphold, whenever you hear the word Kush you’re going to expect potency (and this strain definitely delivers when it comes to that!). It’s an Indica type which means that Indica enthusiasts should be seeking out high quality clones of Bubba Kush, so it’ a good thing that we provide them, am I right!? All jokes aside it’s a high quality plant that’s going to help medicate even the toughest of ailments, patients who want a simple smoke are going to find that Bubba Kush is here to save the day.

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The genetics of this strain have been traced all the way back to the older times of marijuana, so much so that there are mentions of the Hindu Kush strain that was based in the actual Hindu plains. Ever since the strain made its way over to the Western hemisphere of the world there have been a few minor adjustments, but it’s still (for the most part) the same old Bubba Kush that old time smokers were enjoying back in the day. Obviously it’s going to be more potent, but that’s what happens when it’s 2014! The genetic lineage of this particular strain is pretty blurry, as soon as it hit our shores it’s almost like the history started drying up, but we’ve still got the strain to enjoy and that’s something positive to take out of the entire ordeal.

Other than being incredibly old and traditional Bubba Kush still holds a lot of its West Coast reputation intact, it was masterfully bred from the OG Kush strain and ever since then it’s just been sort of a mystery. Bubba Kush has a pretty large build when it comes to the structuring of the buds, usually when it comes to Kush they are small (albeit dense) nugs that people can manage easily. There are tons of colours too look for when dealing with this train, as sometimes it’s going to be a frosty green; others it will be a sort of pale-like purple in comparison. The high of this medicine is usually described as being very heady, which is something that migraine sufferers and other people dealing with ailments like that would find useful. You need to find the right strain when it comes to treating your problems as quickly as possible, and most patients have nothing but good things to say about Bubba Kush.

The high starts in the head and then works its way into your body as time gradually passes, so its’ not something that’s going to hit you right in the face after you’ve smoked a joint. It’s awesome if you’re looking to have a relaxing evening at home, or even if you were looking to have a restful nap of some sort. It’s all about figuring out the right strain for the right situation, and whenever you have the ability to purchase high quality clones you need to jump on the opportunity. Don’t let the medication that you know and love so much get away from you, especially one like Bubba Kush. There’s nothing but good things to be said about this plant, just ask anybody who has smoked it.