God Marijuana Strain

God Bud is one of those marijuana strains that has such an extravagant name, it’s almost like you don’t want to believe that’s what it’s called. Imagine if you went to a dispensary and the very first strain they offered you was called “God”, you’d probably turn around and walk right out of that shop! It’s actually true what they say about strain names, it seems like the more outrageous they happen to be the better. That’s the case when it comes to God bud, and it’s one of the best strains you could consider growing if you’ve got a small amount of space to work with. This particular strain is amazing because it doesn’t grow higher than 3 feet tall in most occasions, so this means that those whom are interested in keeping their growing operations small would love this plant. Tons of people have certain preferences when it comes to specific strains of marijuana, and that’s completely fine, but you’ve got to be more than willing to try a new strain when the time rolls around.

Buy God Marijuana Strain Clones

If you’re trying to grow your crop indoors and in a slightly cooler climate this plant is great as well, the variety in growing conditions it has to offer is truly a blessing to some! This strain is known as being a homegrown British Columbian type, which is always going to be good for something. Whenever you can purchase a clone of strains that are homegrown you’re going to get a product that’s not only high quality, but it’s also originated in your very own region! It’s like smoking a piece of history when you think about it like that, and that’s pretty cool if you ask us. It’s a very high grade strain that’s always going to get great reviews from online customers, and if you think that’s a lie feel free to check it out for yourself.

A quick search of the internet will allow you to see tons of different online reviews regarding the BC God Bud strain, and all of them have nothing but good things to say about it. It’s a very heavy stone, which means that you’re definitely going to know when you’re high (it’s not like you wouldn’t in the first place, but you get what we mean!). Not only that, but it’s got that couch-lock effect going on, which is essentially when you want to sit down and stay down for a good three or four hours. If you’re suffering from some form of anxiety this would be a perfect strain, and it’s awesome for pain relief as well, so that’s another medicinal trait that it happens to carry. God Bud is one of those strains that takes people by surprise, so if you’re into trying out new strains and experimenting a little bit this would be the one for you.

It’s a top shelf kind of plant, it’s high quality and it really shows when you actually get the privilege of smoking it yourself. Insomnia and headaches are great ailments to combat with this strain, and if you need to have some sort of appetite stimulant implemented into your diet this would be a great place to start.
It’s an Indica hybrid, so if you truly care about types there’s always that to go off of. God Bud is almost like the face of marijuana from British Columbia, its high quality and people really seem to enjoy it whenever they can. It’s a treat in itself, so make sure you’re trying it at least once throughout your lifetime (don’t refuse yourself that right!).