Green Crack Marijuana Strain

Whenever you’re looking at a strain that’s got a name like Green Crack it’s going to raise a few questions, and no, the strain itself doesn’t have any relation to the actual hard drug known as crack cocaine. Don’t let the name push you away from the strain, it’s one of the higher quality buds you’re going to come across and whenever you’ve got the chance to smoke some of it you’re going to be getting into an entirely new experience. Green Crack is one of those strains that isn’t going to put you in “couch lock mode”, as a matter of fact, it’s one of the strains that’s going to invigorate you in more ways than one! There’s a certain sharp focus and energy to be benefited from when it comes to the Green Crack strain, it allows you to keep a mental alertness during the entire day that you wouldn’t get to receive from most other strains. The flavour is something to be remembered as well, it’s got a sort of tangy tinge to it that’s going to tickle your citrus taste buds. The flavour of marijuana strains is going to mean a lot to most people, if you aren’t worried about the flavour of your grow than you’re probably not going about the entire thing properly.

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This strain is perfect if you’re going to need medication throughout the day, it’s a perfect plant to smoke when you have to go about daily activities in a timely fashion. Usually when you have to medicate using other strains you’re going to feel a little sluggish and slow, and that’s fine in some cases. Other people can’t go about their days like that, and that’s why Green Crack is so prominent for its ability to let the patient still be uplifted all day. Fatigue and stress are no match for this strain, and neither is depression (which happens to inflict itself upon more than enough people in Canada every single year). Medical marijuana is obviously a privilege and not a right, but for some people it really does seem like it ought to be. Whenever you’re refusing to treat a patient whom direly needs medical marijuana it’s almost like letting them go through life without trying everything they could; that’s something that just never really sat right with us.

The original strain of Green Crack (which is 75% Indica) was initially bred with an Afghani plant of some sort, the tight buds are what give this trait off. That’s what most people will tell you, although the origins of most marijuana strains (usually the incredibly popular ones) are essentially unknown. The name itself leaves little left to be desired, whenever you use the word crack in something that you’re going to be smoking (especially something that’s considered a drug in most peoples’ eyes) it’s going to seem a bit negative. All you have to remember is that there’s nothing to worry about when it comes to this strain, it’s one of those things that is just for show when you get down into the details. Some people tend to switch up the name for the strain because they don’t feel like the word crack is sufficient for such a beautiful plant, and in that case they replace it with something like “Cush”. Instead of Green Crack it would be called Green Cush, so some people may refer to the strain by another name if they feel that it’s right. In any case this is a wonderful strain to smoke if you’re in need of a medicinal plant, it’s highly recommended in most shops.