Pink Kush Marijuana Strain

This strain is usually known as being the close relative of OG Kush, and while both are pretty powerful strains they have their very significant differences. Like any other kind of Kush, Pink Kush sports tightly compacted buds that are usually not very leafy. This is the kind of strain that really focuses on your body when it comes to the high, it’s an Indica hybrid that will get your body buzzing and onto the better plains. There are tons of variations of the strain, but for the most part you’re going to see pink hairs exploding out of the bright (almost light-lime green like) buds. The look itself is enough to make you want to grow the stuff, but it’s the smoke that really sells the product to people. The trichromes on this strain are simply fantastic, whenever you get to talking about marijuana that’s “caked” (meaning covered in trichrome crystals) it’s going to be very potent. The flavour is amazing, some people would describe as being a blend between sweet and succulent candy alongside vanilla perfume.

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If you’ve been smoking for a long time you still might have some trouble when it comes to handling this strain, it’s very potent and that means it’s going to knock even the most powerful of smokers on their butts eventually. Smoke too much and you’re going to be having one heck of a nap, but if you get just the right amount of toasty you’re going to feel your ailments melt away. Even the tiniest doses of this strain will eliminate insomnia and appetite loss, which are actually serious problems when you look at the broad spectrum of the world. There’s always going to be a use for marijuana in the medicinal field, no matter who you are you’re not going to be able to tell people that they shouldn’t use these plants.
The Indica genes of this strain really promote the ability to rest after using it, some people would say they’ve fallen asleep almost involuntarily! Total sedation is something that you don’t want of course, and that’s only going to happen it you over smoke this overpowering strain, so make sure that you’re medicating within reason. Growers will need to take care of these clones for about 10 to 11 weeks when it comes to the flowering stages, but when it comes to the yields the results are spectacular. This is one of the clones that promotes the largest yield when compared to many other strains, and when you’re looking to medicate for a long time a high yield is going to be ideal.

Pink Kush doesn’t get enough credit in the marijuana community here in BC, but it’s one of those strains that is everybody’s favourite. If you’ve smoked it once than you’ll definitely smoke it again, it’s pretty much that simple! Nobody can say no to the sweet sensation of the Pink Kush strain, and when you need it to take care of your pain problems it’s just another great reason to look into buying clones.
Growing your own weed is so beneficial, it’s much better than continuously going back to the dispensary every single day to get a new bag of medicine. When you grow it yourself you feel like you’re accomplishing something neat, and in the end of it all you get to medicate and deal with any medical problems you might suffer from. It’s literally a win-win situation, which is why we’re always trying to better our customer service (and just about everything else we have to offer here at B.C. Clones).