Purple Kush Marijuana

One of the more popular strains of this decade, Purple Kush is one of those things that you’ve definitely heard about whether you smoke medical marijuana or not. It’s always being referenced to when it comes to stoner films and such, and whenever somebody famous has the ability to talk about marijuana it seems like they never fail to mention the famous Purple Kush strain. Since it’s so popular that must mean it’s overrated, right? Wrong! It’s one of the most potent Kush strains you’re ever going to come across, and that’s mainly because the people whom developed it really know what they were doing. The strain itself is pure Indicia, it’s not a percentage or anything like that, it’s purebred and it’s going to give you a high that you’ll never forget! It’s not like you’re going to be seeing colours or anything, but it’s definitely not for the faint of heart.

Buy Purple Kush Marijuana Clones

It originated from the Oakland area that’s located in California, and as it just so happens California is one of the larger medical marijuana populated places we have in the world today. Maybe it’s a coincident and maybe not, but we’re going to bet that some old time stoners were looking into developing one of the best strains known to mankind back in the day, needless to say they definitely figured something out. Although most of the strains you know and love today have been modified as years have passed you’re still getting the same (initial) strain that everybody used to smoke when it first came out, except now it’s much more potent and vivid when it comes to colours or flavours. The strain itself is a cross between both Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani, hence the name Purple Kush. When you cross two of the strongest strains that we have together it’s going to create something truly unique, and that’s exactly why Purple Kush clones are so sought after.

The smell of this strain is one of the trademarks, it’s a sweet smell with some earthy overtones. It’s a plant so obviously it’s going to smell a little earthy, but the sweetness definitely combats the earthy aroma in the right ways. It’s a high quality smoke and is perfect for those whom are suffering from any serious anxiety problems, or even pains or aches in their body. Sleeplessness is another ailment that can be combatted through the use of the Purple Kush strain, and that goes for general stress as well. Purple Kush plants grow wider as opposed to growing taller, which means that you’ll need to make some space width wise in order to effectively grow the strain. It has a flowering time of 8 weeks, after which you’ll be able to harvest and smoke your medicine that you’ve worked so incredibly hard for. Low quality clones are bad news, when you make use of a bad clone there are chances that your yield isn’t going to be as high as it naturally would. Not only that, but there have even been instances of certain companies sending out male clones labelled as their female counter parts. That’s something that is simply immoral, we won’t tolerate any actions of those kind and that’s why our services are always going to remain reputable.

Trust a clone selling service that you can actually rely on, we’ve been operating in British Columbia for years now and we’re only going to provide you with the best possible medical marijuana strains you can get your hands on. Purple Kush is just the start, there’s a whole world of strains out there to explore.